Mid-South Control Line products have been utilized in offshore and land-based applications throughout the world. Though each well completion project is demanding, Mid-South Control Line tubing provides excellent corrosion resistance for the most hostile environments.

Surface control subsurface safety valves (SCSSV) Mid-South’s control line products hydraulically control safety valves set below the mudline to prevent uncontrolled release of fluids.Bare and encapsulated control lines are utilized for this application.

Mid-South Control Line Tubing Types Used for SCSSV

OD (Inches) Wall Thickness Alloys Working Pressure
1/4 0.049 316L Up to 12,500 psi
0.065 Up to 12,500 psi
0.049 825 Up to 12,500 psi
0.065 Up to 20,000 psi

Chemical Injection Mandrels
Chemical injection mandrels act as valves that allow the injection of chemicals which will increase the life span of the well and improve oil production. To inhibit build-up of paraffin and hot wax, 3/8″ OD Mid-South Control Line tubing is shallow set. For the injection of hydrates and asphaltines, 1/2″ or 3/8″ OD Mid-South Control Line tubing is deep-set.

Intelligent Well Completions
Service companies have used Mid-South Control Line’s 5-1/4″ line flatpacks and multi-line flatpacks in numerous intelligent well completions.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Controls
Vital pneumatic and hydraulic fluids are carried by Mid-South Control Line short coil and encapsulated products from the panel to the wellhead. Mid-South Control Line is the largest supplier of encapsulated coil tubing products in the United States.

Subsea Umbilicals
Subsea umbilical lines complete subsea wells by tying the hydraulic and electrical controls back to the existing platform.

Mid-South Control Line Tubing Types Used for Subsea Umbilicals

ID (Inches) Length Alloy Well Lifespan
3/8 and 1/2 As long as 60 miles 316L 2–4 years
Lean Duplex 19D or Super Duplex 2507 4 years or longer

Heat and Steam Tracer Lines
In the petrochemical industry, Mid-South Control Line’s welded coil tubing measures temperature variances.

T.E.C. lines
Mid-South Control Line provides wire and fiber optics encapsulated in tubing for T.E.C. line applications. These lines relay temperature and pressure information.